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Math Standards

Each school belongs to a School District generally made up of the Elementary, Middle and High Schools from the same city or county.

The School District is run by the School Board. This group of 5-8 people is locally elected and include in the group the person hired to be the School District Superintendent. Like the president of a company bringing a plan of action to the Board of Directors the School Superintendent bring up topics and budget issues for the School Board to vote on. One of the topics to decide on is which text books and class room materials are best at helping the students learn the required material.

In California the Department of Education in Sacramento establishes the content standards each school is to teach to, so it isn't a mystery what is to be taught or learned in Math class at each grade level. Whether for home school or public school textbooks, workbooks and study aids are designed to follow these state specific content standards.

Free Online Resources

Since the standard are already made available on the Department of Education's web site the student can read ahead. In fact the student can jump ahead to learn college level course work, sometimes for free, online. For example, there is an effort called open course ware to make syllabi, reading material and recorded instruction of many college classes at publicly funded universities available for free online.

In order to get school credit and have the work apply to graduation requirements one would still need to apply and register for the classes but there is no limit on taking classes for free online for self improvement or to get ahead of the learning curve, what is taught in your grade or school. The private university Massachusetts Institute of Technology has gone one step further and put online 1,900 of their classes. Forget about minimum state standards, you can learn college level math from MIT professors, from your house, while still in high school. Game on.