You have successfully navigated to the home page for the non-profit BestEducation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. We celebrate creativity and work to improve the educational process students have access to. The tabs above are organized to relay our fundable goals and how your efforts can help make a difference.

Home: The page you are on now. It provides a general overview of this web site.
Math Aspect: Why not change how math and science are taught? Identify best practices by comparing schools, teachers and classroom resources to known benchmarks and share the results. The first thing to change is to help make the learning experience fun.
Music Aspect: Playing music is a great way to tap into creative insights. Students can also benefit by learning about creative people in the field of music. We will celebrate the creative output and share information about American composers, beginning with Crawford Gates.
Scholarships: As those elected into positions of authority continue to reduce the funding levels for scholarships and grants available to college students, we will work to raise donations and share funds with math, science, engineering and music students. We will also relay postings about funds available from other organizations with similar goals.
About Us: Founder's Story, Mission Statement, Board of Directors and a copy of our IRS Determination Letter dated July 10, 2009.
Contact Us: Share with us your insights and where our direction overlaps with your goals.