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We have more questions than answers.

What are the benchmarks in our educational system?

How do schools compare to each other? What are the largest differences between schools with successful teachers and successful students and schools not producing successful students? If it is a question of resources what are the budgets and on what are they being spent?

What difference does it make in a teacher’s, administrator’s and school board’s compensation level if a student does poorly on statewide exams?

What is the perspective of college teachers training students who want to become teachers? How much of the course work it math related vs. lesson plan development related?

What is the correlation between how active parents are in PTA groups and how well their children do in school?

If kids can immigrate to America, without knowing the language and culture, but through reading books get good grades then what is really the problem with our students? How much of the failure to learn is a result of the level of resources available vs. the student’s lack of effort? What are successful teachers doing different that connects with students who were originally disinterested in learning about math and science?

Why are math and science classes boring? Can’t there be another way to relay the information that is current and engaging? What tools and resources are teachers using to make the lessons interactive and engaging?

As the U.S. continues to fall behind other countries in the knowledge demonstrated by our students on standardized tests how do we identify the steps that need to take place to improve the educational process students have access to here in America?

Since new situations create the need for new answers, how do employees tap into creativity to originate new solutions? Back up one step and identify how do graduating students tap into creativity to originate new solutions? Back up one step again and identify how current students can tap into creativity to originate new solutions.

These are a few of the questions we work to answer. Your help is needed in funding the research and broadcasting the solutions that will improve the educational experience students have access to.