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Board of Directors

It was quite the assignment to find talented, bright, internally motivated individuals, who are fun to work with, understand the direction of the non-profit, have time available in their schedule to share, and are willing to serve without a salary (the Board Officers and the Executive Director will not be receiving a salary for at least the first two years of this project, the focus is on getting funding for research and scholarships, not wages). I am so excited to have found Board Officers who are varsity team members in their professional careers, who have demonstrated clear values, who have overlapping goals with this non-profit and individual skill sets that strengthen the team.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our Board of Directors:

Ryan Lauper – Board President

Ryan is a successful leader working in the residential and commercial lending industry. Ryan has demonstrated leadership skills as he has opened and run offices, hired and managed staff and built a business based on 100% referral. Ryan is looked to by other financial professionals as a value-adding resource who has demonstrated a high degree of fiduciary care. As a result of Ryan’s great customer service to high net worth clients Ryan has developed strategic partnerships with more than 25 CPA’s and Financial Planners that has produced in excess of 30 million dollars of loans funded per year.

Prior working in the lending industry Ryan worked in several capacities for Hyatt Hotels in San Francisco. As a Human Resource Manager Ryan had responsibilities for employment policies, benefits administration, accident prevention, staffing levels and training of associates. As an Assistant Front–Office Manager Ryan was responsible for guest services as well as cash control for front-office agents.

Ryan earned a MBA from Pepperdine and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from California State Polytechnic University–Pomona.

In addition to being the Board President Ryan serves on our Audit Committee.

Roger Clifford - Board Secretary

After 25 years of service Roger recently retired from Chevron. At Chevron Roger was involved in several departments: as a Staff Scientist and Technical Team Leader Roger was responsible for an R&D team of 7 and a budget of $1.9 million, while as a Senior Engineering Associate over a billion dollars worth of mineral processing and fertilizer plants were built to put in place processes Roger helped design and develop, and as a Compliance Coordinator Roger traveled to 28 countries, auditing 60 facilities.

Roger was an Assistant and Associate Professor of Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla for 7.5 years and achieved tenure before joining Chevron.

Roger has demonstrated a lifelong interest in doing research and possesses great aptitude for math and science principles. Roger is the author or contributing researcher to 18 publications and holds one patent.

Roger also has a love of music and has sung in choirs for 50 years. He has been a choir director on 3 different occasions for a total of 8 years.

Roger earned a Bachelor's Degree in Metallurgical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Metallurgy from the University of Utah.

This is Roger's second time serving on a Board of Directors; previously he was a Director for a mining company in Nevada. In addition to serving as our Board Secretary Roger is on our Audit Committee and Scholarship Committee.

Michael Lauper – Board Treasurer and Executive Director

Michael has worked in the financial industry during the past 10 years and holds several licenses. Michael has been successful in positions of high financial responsibility: while at BISYS Brokerage Services Michael was responsible for auditing trades in accounts worth over 3 billion dollars, while at Washington Mutual working in their Retail Lending channel Michael was entrusted with $1 million dollars signing authority.

As the Founder and the Executive Director Michael is the engine behind this non-profit. Auditing, researching, asking probing questions and solving puzzles are common themes in Michael’s employment track. It is through the lens of these same attributes Michael began exploring ways to improve the educational experience students have access to here in America.

Michael earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University in Utah, and a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Michael also serves on our Scholarship Committee.

p.s. – Michael’s grandfather and Ryan’s grandfather are brothers. While this family connection is outside the IRS definition of “related” it seems reasonable to disclose the shared family history between two board members.