With financial resources being limited we feel we can make the most of our donations by focusing on those students that will be helping others learn Math principles. In support of our goal to help improve the educational experience students have access to we fund scholarships to college students whose demonstrated goal is to become a Math teacher.

Our current awards and grants are directed at students enrolled at Brigham Young University-Provo's Math Education 377: Mathematics Teaching in the Public Schools class:

Mathematics teaching practice in grades 7-12, including lesson/task design, curriculum evaluation, and classroom management in context of practice teaching.(Winter, Fall)

We seek to celebrate and reward the college student that demonstrates lesson planning, classroom management, and student engagement that contributes the best to helping the high school students being taught this term make a connection with math principles. If high school students aren't having fun or making a connection with math now they aren't likely to try it out in college and many fields of study will be shut down to them as a career before they make it to 10th grade. You student teachers can have a great impact on this learning process.

Consideration for the grant is weighted heavily by teacher recommendation and a letter from the applicant outlining what they do specifically to help the high school students make a connection with math principles.

Most high school students find math to be boring and pointless, what are you doing in your lessons to help the information be engaging and help the high school students see how the principles are used in jobs or adventures after high school?

The grant is open to:

  • A U.S. Citizen
  • Enrolled at BYU-Provo
  • As a full time student (carrying at least 12 credits)
  • In good standing with the College
  • Whose major is either Math or Education, with the goal of becoming a teacher
  • Having at least a B- average (2.7) gpa across the board
  • Having at least a B+ average (3.4) gpa within their major
  • Enrolled this term in BYU-Provo MATH Education 377: Mathematics Teaching in the Public Schools
  • Not related to Board members of our non-profit, nor the course instructor

The course instructor will review the candidates per the check list above and forward the top three names to us. These three are invited to send the short note described above, really just one page, from their campus email account to ideas@BestEducation.info. Our scholarship committee will review the submissions and send notice to the course instructor as to who wins the grant.