Survey Results

Let's hear from the Students-

Here is a survey we've handed out to high school math students in paper form at the end of their school year.

Students can also relay their answers electronically by typing in the form below and clicking 'Send'.



People that do research at universities publish news articles about ways to help high school students learn math concepts. These authors are adults. It would be helpful to know what helps a student learn as reported by the actual student. As this school year draws to a close, you have nine months of experience in this class. Looking back, what helped you learn the math concepts we studied? What were your study habits, what stands out to you as the best ingredients for you to learn and retain knowledge?

Please help us learn from your experiences by sharing your ideas to the 15 questions below.

Thank you,

Michael Lauper
Executive Director



Survey about Math Concepts:

1- Is math a subject you enjoy?
2- Do you feel you understand the ideas presented in class when the class period is over?
3- Did you ask questions during class?
4- Did you stay after school to ask questions?
5- How much time did you spend studying math at home during a typical week?
6- How much time did you spend reviewing for an exam?
7- Do you feel the amount of time invested in the homework paid off in doing well on the exams?
8- Did you have a tutor during any part of the school year for help with math?
9- Did you use any additional learning tools such as online help, or DVD tutorials?
10- Did you get together with friends to do math homework or have a math study group?
11- What did you like about the way math concepts were presented by your text book?
12- What should be changed or added to the text book that would have helped you learn the material quicker?
13- What in-class activity do you feel most helped you understand a math concept?
14- What out-of-class project do you feel most helped you understand a math concept?
15- What do you feel should be done differently to help the next class learn and remember math concepts?